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OCHS Publications

The Society has many publications for sale. Among them are original books published by the Society, including copies of the Newsletter, a cookbook, Civil War Patchwork history book and a book about our Civil War Quilt, all showcasing Osage County. There are books about Cemeteries, Churches and Towns, and genealogical records of Osage County. Plus several memoirs written by our citizens.

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Title & Author Cost & Mailing
An Osage County Missouri Civil War Patchwork, Roberta Schwinke $20.00+$5.00
Osage County Memory Book (history) compiled by Social Studies Class, Linn High School 1976 - history plus photos, $22.00+$5.00
Missouri School Land Sales, Kliethermes, 1980 $12.00+$5.00
History of Chamois, Kishmar, 1985 (copied from reprint) $25.00+$5.00
Cemeteries of Osage County, Benton & Crawford Twps., Comprehensive Survey, 1988, with Five-Year Update, 1993, Flippo, $35.00+$5.00
Cemeteries of Osage County, Linn Township, Flippo, 1996 $18.00+$5.00
Cemeteries of Osage County, Jefferson Township , Flippo, 1992 (updated 1998) $18.00+$5.00
Bonnots Mill, Then & Now, 1800-1993, compiled by Community Betterment Association, Bonnots Mill, 1993 $10.00+$5.00
St. John's United Methodist Sesquicentennial (history of Osage County Methodists), Baker & Schulte, 1994 (hardbound) $30.00+$5.00
Immigrants to Osage County and Their Immigrant Ships, Gentges, 1995 (2nd Addition) $30.00+$5.00
Births/Baptisms in Osage County, Missouri prior to 1880 Census of Children, Spouses of Immigrant Families, Gentges, 1995 $30.00+$5.00
Pioneer Settlers of Osage, Gasconade and Maries Counties, Missouri, Gentges, 1996 $30.00+$5.00
*A set of any two of these three publications is $50.00 + $5.00 mailing for each book, for a total of $60.00
My Experiences and Events on the Missouri River, Kishmar, 1988 $20.00+$5.00
Facts and Events of the Missouri River, Kishmar, 1996 $20.00+$5.00
Teacher, Teacher, I Done It! I Done It! I Done Done It!, Grace Bacon Ferrier, 1986 $15.00+$5.00
Post Oak Sprouts Along Belly Ache Creek, Grace Bacon Ferrier $15.00+$5.00
*Both of these publications by G. B. Ferrier together is $25.00 + $5.00 mailing - for a total of $30.00
The Strangest Species: Observations of People by a Country Vet, Dr. Merrill Townley 2003 $20.00+$5.00
A Ride with a Country Vet , Dr. Merrill Townley (Get both of Dr. Townley's books for $35) $20.00+$5.00
Good and Faithful Servants, History of St. Peter Evangelical Church, Fredericksburg, Missouri, 2005 $15.00+$5.00
In All Generations: Zion St. Peter U.C.C., Pershing ,Missouri, Schwinke, 2007 $15.00+$5.00
Back issues of the OCHS Newsletter:
$1.00 each+$3.00
Newsletter Index by Subject 1987-2005 $5.00+$3.00